Bridget Rose Jones is the main character from the Bridget Jones's Diary book and film series. Warning spoilers following!!!

=== Early Life === Edit

Bridget Jones was born to Pamela and Colin Jones sometime in the late sixities. She grew up in Grafton Underwood with her parents, and her most-talked-about moment of childhood being playing naked in Mark Darcy's paddling pool.

=== Later Life === Edit

Bridget received a degree in English from Bangor at some point of her life before getting a publishing job. There Bridget attempted to begin a relationship with Daniel Cleaver, her boss. After finding out that he was cheating on her, she cuts contact with him and gets a job at Sit Up Britain, a news outlet.

Eventually she develops a relationship with Mark Darcy after he saves her family by sorting out a time-share money grab scandal by Julio and her Mom. (book)

In the Edge of Reason, her jellyfish-stinger "friend" Rebecca tries to steal Mark away from her which in combination with bad relationship advice, leads to her break up with Mark.

Bridget goes on a trip to Thailand where on her way home she gets put in prison for drug possession but is set free due to Mark's work. She eventually starts to live with Mark due to a life threat being sent in the mail and they get back together.

In Bridget Jones Baby

Bridget is a high-flying TV exec who just found out that she's pregnant. The only problem is she doesn't know who the father is: her ex-partner Mark Darcy or new beau Jack Qwant. Bridget goes on with the pregnancy while enduring Darcy and Qwant's rivalry over who the father is as well as who gets Bridget. Bridget gives birth to a baby boy, whom she names William Jones-Darcy. Who William's biological father is left up to interpretation in the final scene of the movie, however it is hinted that he is Jack's biological son, however it might have been put in to throw the audience off. Nonetheless, it is definite that the two sides are peacefully part of Williams life. William most likely got the surname "Darcy" through Bridget intending on marrying Mark, after WIlliam's birth. SPOILER It's Mark's child

In Mad About the Boy

Bridget is left to raise her children after the tragic death of Mark.